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About 30 years ago the company KOFLER MARTIN was founded.

KOFLER MARTIN, as a one-man company, started as a design engineer and developer of special clamping equipment in the field of machine tools for production plants with high production capacities, as well as flexible clamping devices for small production lots.

Over the years KOFLER MARTIN has expanded the offering with the design engineering and development of special fixtures for industrial machinery in various fields, e.g. mechanics, food, marble and petrochemicals. KOFLER MARTIN also designed and developed permanent special electro-magnetic clamping devices for heavy lifting systems.

In 2015, the company KOFLER MARTIN Ltd. was founded. In addition to the design engineering and development of special chucks, we now also include the production of special clamping devices.

As a part of this progress we now operate in a production plant in the province of Rovigo (Italy) and employ 5 staff, who are ready to help you realize a range of high quality special clamping solutions.

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